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Black pepper & Cayenne pepper are two extremely popular spices that show a wide range of healing properties and are eagerly used in traditional herbal medicine. Although they come from the fruits of two completely different plants, their activity overlaps in a few aspects. Extracts of both cayenne pepper and black pepper have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and they stimulate digestion. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial and, interestingly, slimming properties.

Extracts obtained from black pepper fruits (Piper nigrum) are usually standardized for the content of an alkaloid called piperine. The most-known property of this compound is the ability to increase the bioavailability and absorption of other nutrients. For this reason, people who want to improve the effectiveness of other supplements are encouraged to choose a preparation based on black pepper.

In turn, cayenne pepper extracts are obtained from seeds and fruits of Capsicum frutescens. The alkaloid called capsaicin plays a key role in this case. It is an extremely strong, natural thermogenic, therefore preparations with cayenne pepper are the most popular among people striving for weight reduction.

In addition to the afore-mentioned applications, preparations from this category can be used boldly to improve the digestive process. They will also prove beneficial in case of chronic inflammation and pain, especially within the osteoarticular system. Potentially, they can replace the popular painkillers from the NSAID group.

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Source Naturals
£ 9.99

BioPerine promotes nutrient absorption.

Cayenne 450mg Out of stock
£ 12.03

Cayenne pepper with the pungency of 40,000 SHU. Supports digestion, stimulates metabolism.

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Bioperine 10mg Out of stock
£ 4.49

Patented black pepper extract. Increases the biological availability and absorption of vitamins, minerals, and

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Cayenne Out of stock
Now Foods
from £ 6.73

Stimulates metabolism; increases thermogenesis; stabilises blood sugar levels.

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