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Melatonin Melatonin 5mg 60 caps.
Now Foods
£ 4.97


Servings: 5mg 60 caps.

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  • Positively influences digestive system
  • Supports regulation of the biological clock
  • Has anticancer properties
  • Supports heathy rhythm of sleep and wakefulness
  • Has antioxidant effect
  • Demonstrates pro-health effect
  • Does not cause side-effects
  • Alleviates the consequences of shift work
  • Counteracts sleep disorders
  • Promotes peaceful and deep sleep
  • Does not cause addiction

Now Foods Melatonin is a dietary supplement containing melatonin, which is a hormone regulating daily and seasonal cycle of the organism and it is also a great antioxidant neutralizing free oxygen radicals and stimulating the activity of many enzymes responsible for their elimination.

The source of melatonin in the organism is i.a. pineal gland (a gland of internal secretion in the brain) and APUD cells of the digestive system. Melatonin is a small molecule, very well-soluble both in water and fats. This hormone is stored in the organism and the pace of its synthesis corresponds to the pace of its release to the bloodstream. It is a lipophilic compound and thanks to this it may without any limits cross cell membranes and act inside cells.

The level of melatonin in blood is correlated with the length of day and night and differs depending on the time of the day and year, ranging from 0,14 to 2,3 nM. During the day, the concentration of melatonin is small and the highest value is obtained between the hour 00:00 and 3 am. The main ways of influence of this substance in a cell are: bonding by plasmalemmal receptors, the influence on nuclear receptors and direct activity with cytoplasmic proteins.

Sleep disorders
There are many conditions that disturb night biosynthesis of melatonin (e.g. intercontinental flights, blue-violet LED light emitted by various electronic devices, shift work, stress). Excessively low level of this hormone causes disorders of physiological rhythm of a human being, which in turn may cause increased risk of the occurrence of many civilization diseases.

An important stimulus conditioning endobiotic secretion of melatonin is exposition to light and its synthesis takes place mainly during the time when it does not reach eye retina. Even gentle light considerably limits the synthesis and secretion of melatonin by the pineal gland. Omnipresent screens of monitors and cell phones affect us in this way, especially when we use them until the last moment before bedtime. Moreover, in the XXI century we observe the growth of the number of people working shifts and a significant danger that such a work mode entails sleep disorders.  It is believed that the application of exogenous melatonin may counteract these disorders and support proper work of the biological clock.

Antioxidant effect
With the exception of cell detoxification as a result of regulation of the expression of some genes, melatonin may also work like an antioxidant and may sweep out free radicals, as it inhibits the activity of enzymes, which cause their production. Free oxygen radicals generate considerably larger damages of molecules in their neighborhood, mainly: DNA, RNA, proteins and lipids. Melatonin may incapacitate i.a. hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen, nitric oxygen, peroxynitric acid and ion as well as peroxyl radicals.

Melatonin and its metabolites are incredibly efficient antioxidants working in the area of the whole organism. It is worth mentioning that melatonin eliminates the excess of free radicals both in hydrophilic and hydrophobic environment and it is much more effective that glutathione as well as vitamins C and E. Its superiority over other substances with similar antioxidant effect stems from the fact that it freely crosses all barriers in the organism, including blood-brain barrier and mucous membranes.

Other effects of melatonin
Apart from its influence on sleep and wakefulness, melatonin also has anticancer effect and reduces pathologies in the digestive system. There are some studies that prove increased risk of colon and breast cancer among women working shifts and it was also proven in experimental studies that local application of melatonin has preventive effect on stomach ulcers. Apart from this, melatonin influences the immune system of the intestines, limits tension of its smooth muscular layer and influences functions and regeneration of the epithelium of the digestive system. It is also believed that daily disorders of melatonin concentration may influence ovulation and menstruation disorders in women working shifts.

To sum up, Now Foods Melatonin is a dietary supplement, that all people who suffer from sleep problems and disorders of day-night rhythm should have at hand. Thanks to its antioxidant effect, the preparation may be also a great tool of pro-health prophylaxis and wide spectrum of effects of this hormone makes it helpful in the therapy of many diseases.

Directions for use
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Container size: 60 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 60
per 1 capsuleamount%DV
Melatonin5 mg-

Other ingrednients

Cellulose, Vegetable Polysaccharide (capsule) and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source).

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Melatonin - resulting in the largest quantities in the pineal gland pinealocytes - indoleamine, naturally synthesized using N-acetylserotonin created previously with serotonin. Its characteristics manifested by interacting with melatonin receptors MT1, MT2 and MT3 and nuclear receptors. Affecting the operation of the biological clock, it regulates the processes occurring both in the diurnal, and long-term cycle, e.g. annually. It gives the body a signal to sleep. In preparing for the night's rest, system reduces the temperature of the body, lowers blood pressure, slows digestion and adjusts the rate of biochemical changes. Improves mood and attitude to life after a good night's sleep. It has a significant impact on the discharge of hormones of the hypothalamus, pituitary and gonads, particularly follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing (LH), this is reflected in the normalization of reproductive performance. By reducing the expression of ERa, inhibiting the association of estradiol ER-ERE for DNA, and reducing aromatase activity, shows an anti-estrogen action Optimizing growth hormone and cortisol levels, improves night renewal system, the growth of the desired structures and burning of excessive body fat.

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