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BCAA Xtra BCAA Xtra 500g
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Servings: 500g

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  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in optimal ratio of 2:1:1
  • Reduces sensation of muscle soreness
  • Helps to increase anabolic processes
  • Helps to increase physical capacity
  • Boosts glycogen levels in muscles
  • Muscle protection formula
  • Eliminates tiredness
  • Enriched with L-glutamine

Activlab BCAA Xtra is a dietary supplement combining three branched-chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine, and L-isoleucine), additionally enriched with the amino acid L-glutamine.         

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are exogenous amino acids, which means that they must be delivered to the organism in food or supplements. Each of them participates in regenerative processes and supports the synthesis of muscle protein; however, it is recommended to supply them together in order to maximise their effects. The BCAA group consists of:

L-Leucine – gym fans probably know this amino acid the best, as they might be familiar with the term “leucine threshold”. It determines what amount of protein delivered with food will increase L-leucine levels. A higher concentration of the amino acid in the blood informs the organism to begin regenerative processes and increase muscle protein synthesis. That is because it stimulates the protein mTOR, which codes the process of muscle protein synthesis in the human organism.

Adding L-leucine even to a high-protein meal stimulates anabolic processes. That is why in BCAA XTRA, L-Leucine was used in the ratio of 2:1:1 with L-isoleucine and L-valine for even better MPS stimulation.

L-Leucine helps muscles to uptake glucose. By stimulating insulin, it provides working muscles with glucose and amino acids. Thanks to that, it can reduce fatigue and muscle soreness as well as improve their regeneration.

Another amino acid found in BCAA is L-isoleucine. It is an isomer of the above-described amino acid. L-Isoleucine is responsible for increasing glucose uptake in muscles. As a result, it is possible to carry out even more intensive training and regenerate faster.

L-Isoleucine protects muscles from breakdown, which is possible thanks to its ability to reduce gluconeogenesis. In other words, it does not let the body break amino acids down to sugars in order to obtain energy from them.

L-Isoleucine deficiencies can result in muscle twitching and general fatigue, as it has an important role in glucose uptake.

L-Valine is the last one of the big three of BCAA. Similarly to the other two amino acids, it is responsible for stimulating the synthesis of muscle glycogen. Moreover, it supports muscle growth by stimulating muscle protein synthesis and tissue regeneration.

L-Valine is also responsible for proper glucose metabolism by activating insulin. It has been known for a long time that insulin is an anabolic hormone that provides muscle cells with amino acids and sugars.

The amino acid also helps to inhibit the activity of tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan is a precursor of the most well-known hormone, serotonin, responsible for relaxation and well-being. Consequently, supplementation with L-valine helps to fight fatigue and maintain alertness.

The combination of the three amino acid can additionally support the utilisation of fatty tissue. That is probably possible because they protect muscle glycogen and burn fatty acids, making weight loss easier.

L-Glutamine support the regeneration of the organism after intensive workout, which means it can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), thanks to which it is possible to go back to training sooner. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that administering L-glutamine with carbohydrates after workout speeds up glycogen resynthesis in muscles.

Supplementation with L-glutamine also helps with protein management in the organism, thanks to which we can maintain a positive nitrogen balance and remove toxic excess ammonia. Along with branched-chain amino acids, L-glutamine prevents catabolism, that is muscle breakdown. The addition of L-glutamine helps to maintain proper BCAA levels in blood, which is desired both for regeneration and the process of muscle mass development.

Another interesting fact is that the use of only 2 g of L-glutamine after workout increases the level of growth hormone in the plasma. The hormone stimulates regenerative processes and muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

To sum up, Activlab BCAA Xtra is an optimal formula of amino acids with pleiotropic activity and multiple mechanisms that satisfy a number of the body’s needs. For those who want to gain muscle mass, the benefits are: stimulated anabolic processes and improved regeneration. On the other hand, those who prefer long-lasting workout will enjoy: reduced and delayed tiredness, protection of muscles in energy-producing processes, or faster restoration of glycogen reserves.

Directions for use
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Container size: 500 gServing size: 10 gServings per container: 50
per portion (10 g)amount%DV
L-Glutamine3500 mg*
L-leucine2500 mg*
L-Valine1250 mg*
L-Isoleucine1250 mg*

Other ingrednients

Acidity regulators: citric acid and sodium citrate, aroma, sweetener E950, coloring: E104 (lemon flavor and orange), E110 (grapefruit and orange flavor), E124 (grapefruit and cherry flavor).

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L-glutamine - amino acid building endogenous proteins, glutamic acid amide. In the human body it is responsible for the synthesis of proteins, acid-base balance and removing ammonia outside of the organism. With the shortage of energy taken from the muscle tissue, glutamine with alanine participate in the process of gluconeogenesis, and participate in the production of glucose substrate. L-glutamine has a direct impact on the proper functioning of the digestive system and immunity of the organism. Participates in the synthesis of one of the most powerful antioxidant - glutathione. It has anti-catabolic potential. It is found naturally in foods of animal and vegetable origin and high protein supplements. Used as mono-preparation or multi-component amino-acid supplements and supplements enhancing biological recovery after exercises, often in combination with BCAA.
Dosage: 5-20 g per day (portioned during the day, and after training and waking up). The minimum dose used in supplementation is 2-15g per 1 serving.




Leucine is an essential amino acid, one of the three branched chain amino acids, ketogenic, its isomer is isoleucine. It affects the secretion of anabolic hormones (insulin, combined carbohydrates), acts on enzymes (mTOR) starting the process of muscle protein synthesis and controlling its course. Protein synthesis by leucine is affecting the development of bones, muscles and skin. It reduces the fat tissue. Without the availability of leucine, protein synthesis is impossible. It naturally occurs in animal products (such as eggs, meat, dairy and fish), plant origin, and as a post-training supplements, BCAA, EAA, no-boosters, creatine stacks, carbohydrate supplements. Ir is also in the form of mono-preparation supplements. It is one of the most important amino acids for the athlete's body, basically in every sports discipline.
Dosage: The demand is 5-10 g / 24h, dosage pre- and post-workout and in the morning after waking up.




Valine – is a branched essential amino acid, indispensible for the functioning of the nervous system (receiving of sensory information), involved in muscle protein synthesis and energy generation. Administration of additional doses of valine before exercise (or immediately after) has anti-catabolic effect, protecting the proteins and allowing them to rebuild. It is slightly stimulatory (delays symptoms of fatigue during workout), affecting the level and relations of neurotransmitters. It helps to protect the liver. It stimulates an increase in strength and muscle mass, participates in the reduction of body fat. BCAA, EAA, and other mixtures of amino acid supplementation, protein and protein supplements and carbohydrate-stacks, brings positive results in strength and endurance sports.
Valine deficiency can occur in case of increased energy needs of the body,
as the result of stress and too much stress load.


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