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Epi-Cat 60 caps.


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  • Myostatin inhibitor
  • The high content of epicatechin
  • Increases the amount of follistatin in muscles
  • Promotes anabolic processes
  • Reduces the catabolism of muscle tissue
  • Contains antioxidants of green tea
  • The safety and efficacy in one
  • Does not affect the endocrine system

Epi-Cat by Blackstone Labs is the future of safe anabolic supplements. This new product contains epicatechin, which are the inhibitors of myostatin – the protein limiting muscle development in the organism. Studies show that blocking myostatin accelerates muscle hypertrophy up to 3 times. By using this supplement, you will be able to build a bigger muscle mass than ever before.

A key component of this unique blend are epicatechins – substances naturally present in cocoa beans. It has been scientifically proven that epicatechins interfere with the release of myostatin, by stimulating the secretion of its inhibitor – follistatin. Less myostatin means more intensive muscle growth. A genetic defect, in which case there is a deficit of this protein in humans, makes that such people are unnaturally muscular, even as a child.

It was also observed that the epicatechins increase the level of nitric oxide (NO) in the body, by absorbing its decay. NO plays a part in the stimulation of proliferation of satellite cells, which may translate into the ability to improve post-workout recovery and growth. In addition, nitric oxide improves the vasodilatation during exercising. This means that it affects the relaxation of blood vessels and better blood flow to working muscles – causes so-called "muscle pump". The increased amount of NO, also causes an increased possibility to do more repetitions, as it raises the anaerobic changes threshold.

It is said that epicatechin helps to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. Such action would mean that glucose would be effectively taken up by muscle cells, which accelerate post-workout recovery and muscle building.

Epi-Cat is enhanced with the green tea extract, which provides a very high amounts of antioxidants called polyphenols, including the most active one – galusanianu gallate (EGCG). EGCG action is attributed to the properties accelerating the metabolism, which helps control body fat during the mass period. The addition of antioxidants also helps to improve the overall health of the organism, without disturbing the natural production of hormones.

The advantages of the use of Epi-Cat are:
► improvement in strength by increasing the capacity of mitochondrions
► increase in muscle hypertrophy
► resistance to muscle fatigue, due to structural and metabolism changes in skeletal muscle tissue, and cardiac muscle
► maintenance the vitality of the organism
► strengthening effect in conjunction with a proper diet and workout

The supplement is recommended to anyone who wants to cross genetic barriers and build high quality muscles. Try Epi-Cat and see how easy it was to exceed your untapped potential.

The supplement can also be used during the break due to injury, detraining, or other random event. Thanks to its properties, it may influence the behavior of larger amounts of muscle mass, and prevent its loss.

Product name:Epi-Cat    
Container size: 60 capsules
Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60
Supplement facts: per 1 capsule amount %DV
Epi Cat BlendGreen Tea (Leaf) Extract, Epicatechins, Rice Fiber 1000 mg -

Take 1 Epi Cat capsule two times per day with food.

Blackstone Labs is an American manufacturer of dietary supplements and apparel for athletes and amateurs running strength sports. Its offer consists of a wide range of products with a proven formula that is highly appreciated by customers, both men and women.