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Post-Workout Supplements

After a very intense physical activity – the goal is simple - to create the optimal conditions for growth and recovery for a body, so that the next training begin as early as possible with a higher level of power. To meet these requirements, you should provide the following supplements: carbohydrates, which will top up your blood glucose and replace glycogen, and they will be the element facilitating the absorption and transport of anabolic compounds. Branched chain amino acids, glutamine, HMB, protein cocktail and creatine - these compounds provide an optimal anabolic and anti-catabolic condition - your muscle fibers will recover faster, and the cells will grow. In addition, these compounds, when provided, are a guarantee of faster detoxification, increased levels of anabolic hormone and the optimization of the nervous system and the immune system. A good idea can also be taking of mixed arginine and citrulline for increase of growth hormone, insulin, as well as the intensifying of blood flow, and therefore also all the substances and the oxygen present in the bloodstream. Also do not forget about vitamins and minerals - inconspicuous and often avoided, they meet a number of regulatory and supporting functions of the metabolic processes.

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