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Real Food

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Build, Repair, and Feed Your Muscles With Real Food!

One of the most anabolic substances on earth is something very simple – real food! The truth is, real food contains the macro and micro nutrients you need to maximize growth.  In this day and age, many of us lead a lifestyle that just does not always allow time for a real meal – too often, we’re just grabbing what we can as we rush out the door to fulfill our hectic schedules - and it’s not always the best choice! 

Rich Piana knows the importance of whole food in a bodybuilder’s diet. Correct meal content and proper meal timing are critical if you want to achieve your bodybuilding goals. You need quality calories in the right ratios and at the right times if you want to get the most from your eating plan. To put it simply: you can’t skimp on your meals and still expect to make serious gains!

So what’s the solution? REAL FOOD by 5% Nutrition!

REAL FOOD is a whole food carbohydrate matrix that consists of slower burning carb sources, such as oatmeal, yams sweet potatoes and dried fruit. These are all low glycemic foods, so the impact on blood sugar is minimized - there’s no chance of fat storage. REAL FOOD is a flexible solution to your busy day – you can add it into your meal for a complete meal, you can utilize it during the day for a healthy option over the grab-and-go choices you’ve been making, and of course, you can use it as part of your post-workout program.

Of course, REAL FOOD mixes up easily and tastes amazing – did you expect anything less? 
This is a use-it-several-times-a-day product, so it has to taste great!

REAL FOOD takes a big step towards helping bodybuilders eat right, so you don’t have to skimp on your meals or turn to junk food sources! No matter how busy you are, you have time for an easy to mix, great tasting shake – REAL FOOD by 5% Nutrition!

Product name:Real Food    
Container size: 1800 g
Serving size: 30 g
Servings per container: 60
Supplement facts: per portion (30 g) amount %DV
Energy value 100 kcal -
Total Fat 1 g -
Total Carbohydrate 20 g -
Dietary Fiber 1.7 g -
Sugars 1 g -
Protein 1 g -
Vitamin A 900 IU 18%
Calcium 7 mg <1%
Sodium 96 mg 4%
Potassium 85 mg 2%
Sweet Potato 10,000 mg -
Pounded Yam 10,000 mg -
Oats 7,000 mg -
Blueberry Fruit Powder 500 mg -

Each (1) scoop serving of Real Food provides 20 grams of complex carbohydrates. Mix 1 -2 scoops according to your carbohydrate needs into a glass, shaker cup, or blender with at least 8 ounces of water per scoop. Stir, shake, or blend thoroughly. Real Food may be enjoyed throughout the day based on your dietary goals and needs. 

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