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  • Zamienniki Posiłków - MRP
  • Meal Replacements
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The dietary restrictions, which are often used to intensify the building of lean body mass and reduce body fat, in the long term are monotonous and often become the cause of failure. Therefore, the meal replacements can be an effective break from the diet. They are very tasty supplementing compositions that are the ideal way to replace a balanced meal. They have a solid foundation in the balanced protein blend of simple and complex carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Often, the fiber is added for health reasons as well as the digestive enzymes to enhance digestion of all the elements and absorption to each cell of your body.

Real Food

REAL FOOD is a whole food carbohydrate matrix that consists of slower burning carb sources.

£ 45.27
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Protein Pancakes

Protein oatmeal pancakes. They are healthy and easy to prepare. They provide very good taste.

£ 9.96
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Choco Hazelnut Creme

Natural cashew cream. No added sugar or salt. Dairy and gluten free.

£ 4.12
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100% Natural Oats & Whey

Whey protein, oatmeal and fiber, helping to build lean muscle mass.

£ 32.28
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Multi-ingredient mass. Contains 6 protein fractions. Increases anabolism and helps to reduce catabolism.

£ 25.78
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Protein Pudding

High protein powder intended for pudding preparation. Low sugar and low fat. Ideal snack when dieting.

£ 7.37
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Protein Nut Choc

High protein powder intended for pudding preparation. Low sugar and low fat. Ideal snack when dieting.

£ 5.42
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