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Arthreo-Free 60 caps.




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  • Protects and strengthens osseous tissue
  • Regenerates joints, articular cartilage and tendons
  • Alleviates the consequences of arthrogryposis in elderly people
  • Helps with more rapid recovery after injuries or contusion

Arthreo Free is a unique combination of four active ingredients which aid the correct functioning of joints, joint cartilage, and tendons. Glucosamine is the basic constituent of synovial fluid. The lack of glucosamine in the body causes synovial fluid to become less viscous thus making joints more prone to wear and damage. Glucosamine aids the regeneration of joint cartilage, strengthens and makes its structure more elastic and improves joint and mobility function. Chondroitin together with glucosamine is a key component of cartilage. It increases the synthesis of proteoglycans, which occur in the extracellular matrix of cartilage. Due to the mechanical properties of extracellular matrix the cartilage cushions the shocks caused by forces acting upon bones and joints and makes movements easier. MSM is an excellent source of bioactive sulphur, the compounds of which influence the synthesis of connective tissue such as collagen as well as many other important enzymes, antibodies and glutathione. Vitamin C plays an important role in the production and preservation of collagen and is a powerful antioxidant protecting the body against free radicals which among others cause damage to joint cartilage.

Product name:Arthreo-Free    
Container size: 60 capsules
Daily serving size: 4 capsules
Servings per container: 15
Supplement facts: per daily portion (4 capsules) amount %RDA
Glucosamine Sulphate 1500 mg *
including: Glucosamine 1100 mg *
Chondroitine Sulphate 1200 mg *
Vitamin C 100 mg 125%

Take 4 capsules daily preferably one with each meal. For best results it is advisable to use continually for a period of 7-8 weeks.

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