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Mass XXL

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MASS XXL is a gainer whose basic contents include whey protein concentrate and appropriately selected mono-, oligo- and polysaccharides. MASS XXL ensures even supplies of energy, as well as carbohydrates and amino acids necessary in muscle regeneration. The product is enhanced with a set of vitamins which supports protein and carbohydrate metabolism in your body. MASS XXL is recommended for athletes who strive to gain body mass quickly.

Product name:Mass XXL    
Container size: 4800 g
Serving size: 70 g
Servings per container: 68.5
Supplement facts: per 100 g amount %RDA
Energy value 1641 kJ / 387 kcal *
Protein 19.03 g *
Carbohydrates 74.27 g *
Fat 1.29 g *
Vitamin C 20 mg 25%
Niacin 4 mg 25%
Vitamin E 3 mg 25%
Pantothenic acid 1.4 mg 25%
Vitamin B6 0.4 mg 25%
Vitamin B2 0.3 mg 25%
Vitamin B1 0.3 mg 25%
Folate 50 µg 25%
Biotin 12 µg 25%
Vitamin B12 0.6 µg 25%

Dissolve one serving of the product - 70 g (3 scoops) in 200 ml of water or milk; use a shaker or a blender. Depending on your needs, take 3-4 servings daily.

On workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, 2nd serving up to 1,5 hours after workout, take the remaining servings between meals.

On non-workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, take the remaining servings between meals.

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