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Dietary Fibre

Even though the dietary fiber is not creating any energy, it has got a great influence on your body. First of all, it can be used as support in the reduction of body fat, because effectively it fills the stomach, thereby reduces appetite. Fiber swells by binding water and this results in delays of the glucose absorption into the bloodstream - so it can be used by obese people and those with diabetes (especially type 2). Studies have shown that is also lowers cholesterol level- it is a prevention means of cardiovascular diseases. It improves stool weight so it will be recommended to all those who have constipation and abdominal pain (this situation often happens to people who work out and are on a high protein diet). Dietary fiber balances intestinal pH and stimulates the production of short chain fatty acids which are great breeding ground for beneficial intestinal bacterium. This makes it an effective means of prevention against cancer of the colon.

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